PDA Policies for E-Learning: Distance Learning/Online Courses 


(NCCAOM PDA Handbook. 2017. 30-31)


1. Distance learning/online course applications will be approved for theory knowledge only. A psychomotor skill cannot be taught via distance learning or online course.

2. The number of PDA points for a distance learning/online course is determined by the PDA Provider and reflects the estimated amount of time it takes the student to learn the information and complete the course worksheet.

3. The PDA Provider delivers the course materials and the PDA worksheet to the student (paper, online, website). The end-of-course assessment is not given to the student until all course work is completed and the worksheet has been verified by the Provider/instructor.

4. The worksheet is a series of questions or a project that the student completes during the time of study.
a. The worksheet must be returned and reviewed by the Provider/instructor before the course assessment can be delivered to the student.
b. The worksheet does not need to be graded, however the Provider/instructor should review to assure the student has grasped the concepts of the goals and objectives of the course.

5. The student must successfully pass an end-of-course assessment validating they have acquired the course goals and objectives and, therefore, earned the PDA points.
a. The assessment is not distributed until the student returns the worksheet and it has been approved by the Provider/instructor.
b. The end-of-course assessment must be a minimum of 10 questions.
c. The Provider sets the passing score on the end-of-course assessment and must inform the student.
d. The time it takes to do the assessment is not included in the PDA point total.

6. PDA Providers are required to award PDA points via the NCCAOM PDA Certificate of Completion.