Aging Brain Health. From Individual to Societal 

AOM-BIO — PDA-495-13

8 PDAs



Introduction to a model of brain health for the aging population. The model aims at implementing simple theoretical and practical concepts to improve individual brain health, value and promote crystallized knowledge, and enhance eudaemonic and altruistic behavior of individuals in a group. Introduction to proactive role when dealing with signs of brain dysfunctions. The model is a response to the WHO call for actions for Aging and Dementia.


Goals and Objectives

1. Understanding the global issue of brain aging.
2. Conceptualize brain aging through system thinking approach.
3. How to be proactive when dealing with brain aging.
4. Understanding the role of diet in brain health.
5. Understanding the role of breathing in brain health.
6. Understanding the role of interaction, altruism and eudaemonic behavior in brain health.