Psycho-physiological Traits (Gunas – Trigrams), Interactions and Yoga sequences

Professional Enhancement (PE) 

Yoga — PDA-495-138

4 PDAs



Introduction to Trigrams Yoga, a component of a metamodel of Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic systems. Unified presentation of the Trigram concepts of psycho-physiological traits (gunas - trigrams and anterior heaven), interactions (bhuta and five phases) and attributes (dosa). This is followed by a yoga session where the concepts are integrated into the use of asanas and pranayama.


Goals and Objectives

1. Understanding of the Trigram metasystem integrating Ayurvedic models (gunas, bhutas, dosas).
2. Moving from theory to practical therapeutic applications (nuancing the asana in terms of activation of energy lines and energy points).
3. Learning an integrated breathing/posture sequence (breathing into the postures).