Yijing Forecasting or Evolution of Trigrams Pathologies 

Trigrams System — PDA-495-134

8 PDAs



Introduction to Yijing Forecasting based on Trigrams System. Caution about predictability and forecasting. Establishment of the diagnostic hexagram or stacked trigrams (taiyin-mountain, shaoyin-water, jueyin-wind, shaoyang-thunder, yangming-fire, taiyang-lake, yang). Interpretation of the situation: Questioning past, present and future scenarios. Classical and innovative study of evolution of the constitutive trigrams. Further investigation of the situation and setting up a clinical strategy (treat what is or protect what will be). Strength and weakness of the forecasting tool.


Goals and Objectives

1. Understanding Yijing predictability and notions of invasive process.
2. Ability to use trigram management (introduction to Yijing acupuncture).
3. Ability to infer predictability.