Harmonizing Trigram Techniques 

Trigrams System — PDA-495-127

8 PDAs



Presentation of trigram regulation techniques of the Six Dimensions (taiyin, shaoyin, jueyin, shaoyang, yangming and taiyang) and two extremes according to Anterior Heaven (xian tian) and Five Phases (wu xing). Role of the Three Burners (sanjiao). Integrating the models: Trigram therapeutic techniques using octagonal and pentagram balancing triangulations. Five Phases East-West Stabilization; Five Phases Rotational Stabilization. Categories of Triangulations.


Goals and Objectives

1. Understanding of the basic regulatory and homeostatic systems that permit Life through the regulation of the six dimensions.
2. Regulations within the octagon (anterior heaven, posterior heaven).
3. Regulations within the pentagram (five phases).
4. Regulations within the fundamental regulator (sanjiao).
5. Understanding of the basic notions of octagonal and pentagram triangulations.