Posterior Heaven and Five Phases 

Trigrams System — PDA-495-125

8 PDAs



Presentation of the logical emergence of the subsystems ‘Posterior Heaven’ (hu tian)) and ‘Five phases’ (wu xing) of the Trigrams Metamodel. The intermediary Hexagon. Exploration of their meanings, properties and roles. Analysis of ‘Five phases’ graph, its nodes and edges. Concepts of interactions and interrelations between nodes and the physiological implications. Logical attribution of the six dimensions to the five phases. Interpreting the Pentagon symbol.


Goals and Objectives

1. Understanding of the primordial structure core, known as posterior heaven (hu tian).
2. Understanding of the notion of interactions and on the emergence of the pentagram (five phases or wu xing).
3. Understanding of the physiological meaning of the five phases, their nodes, and the logical attributions of the six dimensions to these.