Anterior Heaven and Six Dimensions 

Trigrams System — PDA-495-123

8 PDAs



Introduction to Trigrams System, a binary metamodel applied to acupuncture. This lecture covers the logical emergence of Anterior Heaven (xian tian) and attribution of Trigrams to its octagonal nodes. The rational identification of the eight trigrams or dimensions leads to their classical name (yin, taiyin, shaoyin, jueyin, shaoyang, yangming, taiyang, yang). Their traits (physiology and psychology) are explored. Exploration of properties and evolution of trigrams bringing forth specific balancing characteristics. Introduction to therapeutic trigrams balancing techniques. Origin of the system (Maurice Mussat) and brief comparison with other models (Medical Acupuncture, Tan Balancing Method, Manaka's model, …).

Goals and Objectives

1. The primordial energetic core, known as an octagon, classically called anterior heaven.
2. The principles that lead to the orderly apparition of the triplet, or trigrams, and highlights of the concepts of the six dimensions, known classically as taiyang, yangming, shaoyang, taiyin, shaoyin and jueyin.
3. A basic familiarity with simple balancing techniques.
4. A basic ability to situate this paradigm among other trigram approaches.