Spermatorrhea is usually due to damage of the kidney after a prolongedillness, indulgent sexual activity, or stubborn nocturnal emission. Inexhaustion of the kidney essence, the loss of yin affects yang. The primary qiof the kidney becomes insufficient, the storage of essence fails and seminalfluid is discharged involuntarily. Clinical manifestations are frequentspermatorrhea at day or night, particularly if there is a desire for sex, pallor, lassitude, listlessness, pale tongue, and deep, thready, weak pulse. Treatment is given by applying acupuncture with reinforcing method andmoxibustion to the points mainly selected from the Foot - Shaoyin (Kidney) and RenMeridians to strengthen the kidney and control the essence and seminal fluid.


[BL23 - KI12 - SP6 - RN4 - RN6].

Explanation: BL23 and SP6 are needled to reinforcethe kidney qi. RN4, the meeting point of the Ren and three foot yinmeridians, and RN6 are two important points for invigoration. Moxibustion applied to these two points can warm and strengthen the primaryyang. KI12 is combined to assist the control of the kidney essence.