Erectile dysfunction

Etiology and Pathogenesis

Impotence. is generally due to indulgence in sex or excessive masturbation, which makes Mingmen fire decline and exhausts the kidney essence. It may also be due to fear, fright or worry, which damages the qi of the heart, spleen and kidney. Just as said in Treatment of Internal Disorders: The inability of penis to erect is due to the injury of the internal organs, which is mainly caused by the exhaustion of kidney essence from indulgent sexual activity, or by worry damaging the mind, or by fright leading to dysfunction of the kidney.

Greasy food and wine may damage the function of the spleen and stomach in transportation and transformation, causing dampness to turn into heat. The damp heat drives downward to make the penis unable to erect, resulting in impotence. However, impotence of the damp heat type is not very common. Zhang Jingyue said, Seven to eight out often impotent patients are caused by the decline of Fire. Only a few of them are due to excess of fire.

Decline of Mingmen Fire

Manifestations: Failure of the penis in erection, or weak erection, pallor, cold Main extremities, dizziness, listlessness, soreness and weakness of the loins and knees, frequent urination, pale tongue with white coating, deep thready pulse. If the heart and spleen qi is damaged, palpitations and insomnia may be present.

Analysis: The kidney dominates reproduction and opens into the urethra, spermatic duct and the anus. Insufficiency of the kidney yang and the decline of Mingmen fire wither up the reproductive ability, leading to impotence. Owing to yang deficiency, the body cannot be warmed, resulting in pallor, cold extremities, dizziness, and listlessness. As the lumbar region is the house of the kidney, kidney deficiency gives rise to soreness and weakness of the loins and knees. Only with the help of the activity of the kidney, can normal urination be performed. If the kidney yang fails in controlling urination, there appears frequent urination. Pale tongue with white coating, and deep, thready pulse are the signs of yang insufficiency. If the heart and spleen qi is damaged, there is poor production ofqi and blood. If blood is inadequate for nourishing the heart, palpitations and insomnia occur.


Method: Points of the Ren and Kidney Meridians are selected as the principal points. Reinforcing method with moxibus tion is applied to invigorate the kidney yang.


  • [RN4 - DU4 - BL23 - KI3], or
  • [RN3 - RN4 - SP6 - BL23 - DU4]

Supplementary points:

  • damage of the qi of the heart and spleen: [BL15 - HT7 - SP6].
  • seminal emission: DU3
  • dizziness: DU20, GB20
  • post heaven Qi: ST36

Explanation: RN4 is the meeting point of the Ren Meridian and the three foot yin meridians. Reinforcing is used to promote the primary qi and invigorate the kidney function. DU4, BL23 and KI3 are used to strengthen the kidney yang. BL15, HT7 and SP6 are good for activating the qi of the heart and spleen.

Kidney Qi injured by shock

shock during sex, or chronic Kidney Qi deficiency inducing fear, poor sleep


  • DU20 - si shen cong - HT7 - BL23 - DU4 - RN4 - SP6 - MH5 - GB20]

Notes: Si shen cong calms the spirit, and MH5 is a ghost point.

Downward flowing of damp heat

Main manifestations: Inability of the penis to erect, complicated with bitter taste in the mouth, thirst, hot and dark red urine, soreness and weakness of the lower extremities, yellow, sticky tongue coating, soft, rapid pulse.

Analysis: The penis consists of two cylindrical bodies. As said in Internal Classic: If the damp heat stagnates in the penis, the major body becomes soft and short, and the small body gets loose and long. The former is known as contracture, while the latter known as atrophy and weak. The downward flowing of the damp heat makes the cylindrical bodies loose and weak, resulting in inability of the penis to erect. If the damp heat ascends, there will be bitter taste in the mouth or thirst. If the damp heat is transmitted to the small intestine, and then to the bladder, hot and dark red urine occurs. Soreness and weakness of the lower extremities, yellow, sticky tongue coating, and soft, rapid pulse indicate the presence of damp heat.


Method: Points of the Ren and Spleen Meridians are selected as the principal points. Reducing method is apphed to eliminate the damp heat.


  • [RN3 - SP6 - SP9 - ST36]. Or,
  • [LR3 - GB43 - SP6 - RN3 - KI10]

Supplementary points:

  • Water metabolism: SP9
  • Upper thigh Liver points: [LR10, 11, 12]

Explanation: This condition is caused by the downward flowing of damp heat from the Spleen Meridian, RN3, SP6 and SP9 are therefore selected to soothe and regulate the qi of SpIsen Meridian to eliminate the damp heat. ST36 is the he-sea point of the Stomach Meridian of Foot Yangming. Because of the interior - exterior relationship between the Spleen and Stomach Meridians, ST36 is chosen to dispel dampness by improving the function of the spleen in transportation and transformation. Heat will disappear when dampness is dispelled. The above points combined together are suitable for the treatment of impotence caused by damp heat.

In addition, [LR3 - GB43] purges LR GB Damp/Heat, and KI10 is used for purging and diuresis.

Heart Spleen deficiency

Fatigue, overwork, overstressed, palpitations, poor digestion, pale face


  • [BL15 - BL20 - LR13] - [ST36 - SP6] - RN4
  • palpitations: [HT7 - MH6 - MH7]

Alternative Treatment Methods

  • auricular: internal (Nei Sheng Zhi Qi) and external (Wai Sheng Zhi Qi) reproductive points,  subcortex, endocrine, shenmen, *KI, LR, HT, SP
  • electrical: BL23 & BL32, RN3, RN4, alternating frequency