Mycotic Stomatitis - Thrush - E Kou Chuang

Mycotic Stomatitis - Thrush - [[鵝口瘡 é kǒu chuāng]]


White patches or a complete layer of white greasy coating on the tongue, gums or entire mouth. If severe enough coating may get thick enough to impair youngsters breathing. This is generally known as a Heart and Spleen disorder in TCM. Thrush is called e kou chuang (goose mouth sore) in the classics and is caused by heat in the heart, spleen, and lung channels.


Creamy white patches or a curdy substance appear over the oral mucosa, and pharyngeal membranes. Quite often these patches can be easily wipted off. In some cases, there may be blisters followed by swelling of the surrounding areas due to local congestion.


Differentiate Thrush with: canker sores - more redish eruption with white head only. Milk layer in mouth from last feeding



Heart And Spleen Excess Heat

  • irritability, loud crying, dry stool, dark yellow urine, red or purple thick veins in fingers.
  • Rx- Qing Re Xie Pi San

Heart And Spleen Deficient Fire

  • yin deficient symptoms, skinny baby, rosy cheeks, 5-centre heat sensation, sweating easily, thin purple veins in fingers
  • Rx- Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan


External Application:

  • Shi Gao (3g) Huang Lian (1g) Qing Dai (1g) Ru Xiang (1g) Mu Yao (1g.) - apply on lips of baby