Torticollis here refers to wry neck caused by an awkward sleeping posture orattack of wind cold on the nape that leads to disturbance of local circulationof qi in the meridians. Its main manifestations are stiffness and pain of theneck and nape, and wry neck towards one side with motor impairment. </p><p>Method : Points of the Du Meridian and Taiyang Meridians are selected as theprincipal points. The reducing method and moxibustion are applied to DU14, BL10, SI14, GB39, SI3 to expelwind and disperse cold, and to relax tendons and activiate blood and qicirculation in the meridians. BL60 and LU7 are added forinability of flexion and extension. SI7 is added for difficulty inrotating the neck so as to promote the qi circulation of Taiyang Meridians. Cupping may be applied after needling, or laozhen is used alone forstiff neck.