Sound comes from Lung with Kidney as root.

Most commonly is caused by talking too much or screaming.

TCM – external pathogen invasion injures the Lungs regulating Qi function. Emotional stress causes Liver and Lung Qi stagnation, and anything that injures the Kidney Yin makes water unable to ascend to nourish the throat and Lung resulting in Fire that injures the Lungs.


Excess– acute with superficial syndromes, or Liver Fire

Deficiency– slow onset


P/T– clear turbid Qi

Acupuncture Rx

  • [RN23 - LI18- DU15]
  • excess: HT5, LU7, LI4
  • deficiency: BL13, BL23, KI3

Alternative treatment methods

  • auricular – throat, HT, LU, shenmen, endocrine, use seeds or needles
  • injection – RN 23, qiang yin (2 cun bilateral to thyroid cartilage prominence)