Chest Pain

Heart/Lung pain.

Western medicine – coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis, etc.

TCM - Pathogen in chest Luo causing tight pain that may radiate to the back and be accompanied by dyspnea.


Blood Stasis in Heart

intermittent stabbing fixed pain, worse at night, dark purple sublingual veins,

P- uneven deep or irregular

P/T – promote circulation, remove Blood Stasis


  • hand jueyin and shaoyin,
  • RN14, BL15, MH 4 & HT6 (xi-cleft pain), RN17 & BL17
  • (Qi and blood) herbal treatment
  • Stasis – LU11, HT9

Cold stagnation

severe pain, cold weather triggers this pain, cold symptoms/body, dyspnea, T- white slippery, P- wiry tense or deep thin (yang deficiency)

P/T – warm Yang Qi, expel Cold, promote Qi circulation


  • sedate, moxa, hand jueyin and shaoyin, RN,
  • BL14, BL15 (HT MH), MH6 & HT5 (Luo stagnation), RN4 & RN6 (invigorate Yang Qi)
  • coldness – moxa BL12, BL13

Heart Qi deficiency

dull pain, shortness of breath, comes and goes, palpitations, fatigue, pale face, T- pale, P- irregular

P/T – nourish Heart Qi


  • RN17, RN14, HT6 (pain), RN6, ST36 (Yuan and Spleen Qi)
  • Yang deficient Cold – RN4, RN8, DU4, moxa

Heart Yin deficiency

dull pain that comes and goes, Yin deficiency symptoms, T- red with scanty coat, P- thin rapid

P/T – nourish Heart Yin


  • tonify, hand and foot shaoyin
  • BL15, BL23, KI3, KI6, MH6, SP6

Turbid Phlegm stagnation

pain with feeling of pressure from the inside (oppression), difficult to breathe, heavy limbs and body, fullness, sticky mouth, nausea, T- swollen with turbid greasy coat, P- slippery

P/T – invigorate Yang Qi, eliminate Phlegm, remove stagnation


  • sedate hand jueyin, foot yangming,
  • RN14, RN17, MH4 (xi-cleft), ST40 & LU9 (phlegm)
  • digestive fullness – ST36, RN12
  • Heat with Phlegm – ST44, LI4, SP9



Alternative treatment methods

auricular – HT, SI, sympathetic, subcortex, yuan zhong, LU LR, chest, occiput, blood pressure groove, strong stimulation electro – between Hua Tou Jia Ji and first Bladder line on the back, puncture 30 degrees oblique

1-1.5 cun deep from T1-T4, MH6, strong stimulation for 20 minutes with continuous frequency.

Herbal point applications – Dan Shen, San Qi, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Bing Pian, mix into powder with cream and apply to RN14, RN17, BL14, BL15, MH6 everyday at night

emergency acupressure – MH6, BL15, HT4, HT5, start gently then increase pressure over a few minutes until applying very strong stimulation, 5-10 minutes.