Rectal Prolapse


Rectal Prolapse is the protrusion of the rectum through the anal opening. Minor prolapse of just the rectal mucosa may occur or more severe prolapse may occur where the entire thickness of the rectum is displaced. Patients may have possible bloody stools, constipation, unfinished feeling post defecation, lower abdominal prolapsed feeling and pain.

3 degrees of prolapse:

  • 1st -less than 5cm. comes out with bowel movement and retracts naturally
  • 2nd -5-10cm - may or may not retract naturally
  • 3rd -more than 10cm - membrane becomes hard and thick and is unable to retract without individuals help.


TCM - middle Jiao Sinking


Treatment (CM)


  • Consolidate Tonify Ascend Qi
  • Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang + astringent herbs (Jin Ying Zi, Wu Bei Zi, He Zi)


  • Ku Shen Tang wash
  • Wu Bei Zi San application


  • DU1 DU20 BL57 BL31-34 ST36 Pi Gong (X-tra