Aesthetics and Health

In Über die Verborgenheit der Gesundheit (1993), Gadamer underscores the hidden character of health as a resource for human existence. SEA attempts to show in what sense the phenomenon of health, far from passing unnoticed, is explicitly experienced by the individual in the aesthetic experience and appears as a source of the individual's sentiment of existence. Beyond the specificity of this experience the possibility emerges of considering the power of renewal that aesthetic solicitation possesses with regard to the phenomena of individual life, such as walking, sleeping, laughing, playing, etc.

Sandro Botticelli - figure of Venus.

Theodore Cook, in The Curves of Life (1979), subdivided the Venus figure in the Botticelli painting. Cook measured the ratio: navel-to-top-of-head/navel-to-feet = φ5/(φ4 + φ5) = φ56 = 1/φ, that is, 1:φ, so that her length is 1 + φ, the Golden mean.