Overview on SEA

SEA - Systems Energetics Applied


In the frame of this work, it is only possible to give a very pruned diagram of Energetics. The only purpose here is to indicate what it is about to the student.

Therefore, we will limit ourselves to the major lines of Energetics, without giving any demonstrations.[1]

1. We must take the point of view of modern and scientific medicine and put aside Acupuncture on purpose. We can even adopt an excessive position and reject Acupuncture as being archaic, false and without foundations, and as being just good enough to be placed among Paleolithic and historical curiosities!

Only the most contemporary data and knowledge are considered.

2. In front of the ever growing considerable multiplication and complexity of the knowledge of physiological and pathological mechanisms, we are led to two options:

  1. Either we go deeper and deeper into the maze of the discoveries and mechanisms. In this case, we must realize the impossibility of knowing everything. This implies a more and more sectored specialization.
  2. Or we adopt a new analytical position that changes radically from the Cartesian habits.

This certainly does not mean that "what was true is not true anymore." Much to the contrary, the established and verified data constitute a basis that is essential, fundamental and indispensable.

But it is the thought methodology that must be reviewed. This is not specific to medicine. It involves scientific knowledge in general.

3. In this way, we must consider "the human being" as an orderly energetic system constituted by sub-systems that are all in logical correlations. The concept of "human being" must even be broadened to that of "living system" that obeys to the thermodynamic definition of "open system." In other words it is subjected to entering information, it metabolizes it, and it restitutes it under one form or another. Among these entering information, we find food, air, and light.

This implies two conjoint coordinate systems: the universe and time.

Schematic Bases

Any living system is an "open system." It is defined by, conditioned by and dependant on information coming from its surrounding.

This living system is coherent and cohereted by internal laws. It constitutes a system containing subsystems that are all in correlation.

It is demonstrated that this exterior informative system, brought to the notion of Universe and referenced to time, determines eight "states", and eight only. These states are translated into binary coding (0 and 1). Each one of them is a state of the relationship between "energy, matter and movement."

These three elements are themselves three states of the same concept: Energy.

It is thus about binary combinations in triplets. These combinations are the "trigrams."

It is demonstrated that these eight state-trigrams lead to a particular graphic disposition admitting one solution only. This special graphic disposition is none other than a kind of equation signifying the "continuous variation of the continuous relation between energy, matter and movement in a time continuum."

This is Graph One,[2] where each constitutive state-trigram is in relation with the seven others according to specific and logical laws (symmetry, reverse, complementarity, transformation, and so forth).

It is presented under the form of a circular and oriented graph holding the eight state-trigrams in a regular distribution.

This equation leads to internal laws connecting one to the others and leading to laws that are those of the living systems.

In this way, quite schematically and for example, as soon as the analysis begins we note the apparition of the four "vital" nucleotides (adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine), of the essential lipids and sugars, and so forth.[3],[4]   

Likewise, this Graph One leads to a second one, Graph Two. This second equation results from the laws of complementaries which give one solution only (the notion of entropy appears here).

It is also demonstrated that the internal systematics of a living system is determined by the inter-actions and the inter-relations between Equation One and Equation Two.

This leads us to a whole chain of logical series where the whole physiology and the whole pathology are found back as the modern (and even extremely modern) data know.

These logical series are, in short, ordered systems where each element is one of the "trigrams." Each one of these trigrams, as well as their group interactions, leads to their identification with a physiological system.

The living System is thus "constituted" by the same "states" as those of its environment coordinate system. It is the inter-combinations that define the life-phenomenon.

These various states, the trigrams, gather then concepts that are logically linked and logically determined for each one of them.

For example, the "blood" concept is linked to the "spleen" and "respiration" concept. This "group" is translated by the triplet 001 and corresponds to trigram 001 where the continuous line is 1.

In this way, each trigram, or group of trigrams, identifies sectors and systems of Physiology.

The determination of the various trigrammatic identifications obeys to strict logical laws. We obtain in this way a distribution of the physiological and biological systems, as well as pathological systems, of which the results link exactly to the modern knowledge and even indicate some axes of research.

All these interactions, inter-relations, and logical sequences, lead to another fundamental equation that "signifies" the coherence and the internal regulation of the living system. This equation is the pentacoordination. This "equation" is at the same time geometric and "ensemblist."

Fig. 1: Graph 1, Graph 2, and Pentacoordination

It constitutes one of the fundamental laws of living systems and its various internal mechanisms allow to find back and to explain numerous physiological and pathological inter-relations.

For example, we find the neuromodulators, some endocrine aspects, sleep, the "sodium pump," and so forth.

Another example is that of the phenomena of somatization from an emotional perturbation, which are found back and linked to parallel biological data.

Likewise, the energetic pathology explains and demonstrates some links that are known empirically in modern medicine, such as the clinical relation between "angina," kidney, articular reaction, and heart …
Another example, linking to clinic and biology, is that of the thyroid functioning. It is "signified" and studied by the relative variations of T3 - T4 - TSH - cholesterol and reflexogram. The Pentacoordination puts into evidence these inter-relations and links exactly to the clinic.

All these laws, systems and logical sequences of Energetics lead to the possibility of an action on the living system and its systems by programs using essentially the electromagnetic laws of conduction, polarization, or depolarization. The cutaneous lining, with its biophysical properties constitutes the medium of action.

We understand from this that these programs must obey to a systematics and a logistics that are rigorous and of which the basic combination is a triplet. The cutaneous lining being the mediator of the signal action, we must therefore act only by the intermediary of a multiple functional electrode, the needle.

This needle must then combine some electromagnetic characteristics that allow the action. This explain that the needle must be a bi-metal (effects of Thomson, Benedicks, Seedle, antenna and so forth).

Energetics also shows that there is a "preferential" distribution of the lines of electric forces of the body. Regarding this, all the anatomical and physiological organizations of the body are electrical sources. They are "emitters" whose activities can be picked up at the surface of the body. The most classical examples are the EEG, EKG, or the EMG.

The cutaneous linear characteristics, mentioned in a previous chapter, have been studied and measured according to various methods. All concur to demonstrate these preferential linear distributions. They are none others than the "meridians" …

The characteristic of Energetics is to demonstrate that we must "think differently" about the life-henomenon. We must take the habit of thinking in terms of "systems" and not of visceral organs. The life-phenomenon appears then as being a "state," a "moment," of the universal energetic organization referentiated to time …

Analytical Technology

4. It can use various approaches, mathematical as well as purely thermodynamic. But this is not necessary. On the other hand, propositional Logics is very close to it. This directs towards the ensemblist Laws.

But this thought technology being new, one of the most important problems to resolve is a problem of semantics. The solution is sometimes difficult and it will certainly need revision in some details.

Therefore, the living system, appears to be entirely subjected to intricate coordinate systems, to laws, to logical sequences, to continuous complementarities and "transformations."

And we realize then that we only find back and demonstrate all the laws and systems of Acupuncture!

5. At the same time, we also realize that the system of "traditional coding of Acupuncture" becomes translucid and we can only admit its subtlety. It is has if the "message" has been made reliable in a surprising way …

In parallel, we are forced to note that the probability of "empiricism" of traditional Acupuncture becomes weaker and weaker. Because the coding of the energetic laws implies the preliminary knowledge of data considered as "modern," such as static electricity, electromagnetism, laws of electric conduction in heterogeneous surroundings, symmetries, complementaries, binary coding, "operators," and so forth.

Likewise, the technique of "rendering reliable", which is to say the coding of the traditional data of Acupuncture, appears to be of a remarkable logic and of a surprising psychological adaptation because it allows the possibility of:

Either remaining in the same system of coding, without going out of it …

Or being able to go further (and even much further), and this constitutes integrally the Energetics of living Systems.

This worsens the "bothering question" even more …

6. The laws of Energetics also show the "inevitable" aspect of some chapters of physiology and biology.

We already spoke about it and we give here other brief examples. We can cite the main laws of endocrinology, such as the notions of "receptor-receptor," "sites" and "targets," "actions-reactions," and so forth.

The inter-functional relations take another logical aspect ("group relations" as mentioned before).

Likewise, and we will mention this later, the main mechanisms of immunology are also found, such as the notion of "complement", with its two pathways of activation, the notion of compatibility-incompatibility, the two defense systems through the "T" cells (001 group) and the "B" cells (110 group), and so forth.  

We must note about immunology that we can link it to the system very particular to Acupuncture and denominated "triple heater" (among other aspects).

7. Lastly, as mentioned above, Energetics leads to the identification of the various functions with the trigrammatic groups.

For example, and to link an acupuncture data, the "101 101 group" corresponds to the digestive system and more specifically to the "large intestine-stomach" coupling (these two viscera being considered as "center-viscera" …).

Now, it is demonstrated that the group 101 101 is identified to the "Yang Ming" of the traditional data which simply mention that "Yang Ming is the large intestine and the stomach"!

Briefly, all the traditional laws and data are found back and demonstrated …

8. This also explains that it is perfectly possible to go without the traditional Chinese semantics if we know Energetics well.

This also shows that we can practice Acupuncture by using the most modern medical knowledge (said "Occidental" knowledge by the traditionalists).

In total, we can say that Energetics of living systems constitutes the fundamental Research in Acupuncture. This does not limit it to this specialty. Quite on the contrary, Energetics involves medicine in its entirety.


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